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Information about sedimented and brewery-racked beer

Sedimented beer Brewery-racked or 'bright' beer
Serving instructions Position the beer in the place you will be serving it from (ideally an undisturbed position somewhere cool (12-14°C)). Leave the beer for 48 hours before drinking. Best stored in cool conditions (ideally 12-14°C) for up to 24 hours before serving.
Shelf-life In ideal conditions: 1 week unopened, 4-5 days once opened In ideal conditions: 48 hours unopened, 24 hours once opened
Pros and Cons Pros:
Longer shelf life
It is ready-to-drink and doesn't require any settling time.
Needs to be allowed to settle before serving. Cannot be moved once it has settled. Could become cloudy if knocked or disturbed.
Reduced shelf life

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