Call it what you like,

Real ale, cask beer, bitter, traditional ale, cask-conditioned, bottle-conditioned - even if you don't drink ales yourself, you're sure to know someone who enjoys a decent pint!

And that's what Frog Island Brewery Ltd is all about - decent honest pints brewed using traditional methods and quality English raw materials, where possible. There is nothing artificial about our real ales!

Based in the heart of Northampton, England, we have been recreating the traditional local style of refreshingly bitter beers since 1994.


If you are having a party or event, and would like a bar to serve from - we have a bar which can be delivered to your address and set up with with your choice of beer, cider and lager, just let us know your requirements.

•Take advantage of our new online ordering and payment system or just browse our products and services that include... •Personalised bottles of beer, with your photo and message)•Bottled beers and gift packs available by mail order •Polypins - 20 litres (36 pints) which are ideal for parties, and also 10 litres  (18 pints, which are only available at Christmas)  , (Please ring or order from the site.) If you live nearby, just call in and see the brewery and pick up some beer. We stock a range of award-winning ales available to the public, businesses and the licensed trade and much, much more!

Shoemaker in a Firkin
Shoemaker in a Firkin
Beer Name Shoemaker Alcoholic strength 4.2% A.B.V. Order Quantity 9 gallons (approx. 72 pints) supplied in a returnable ...
Price: 103.50
View » Shoemaker in a Firkin
Fire Bellied Toad in a Firkin
Fire Bellied Toad in a Firkin
'Specially crafted for the festive season; a tawny coloured malty ale, with a fruity hop finish. Brewed from finest English ...
Price: 108.00
View » Fire Bellied Toad in a Firkin
Triple Ale Collection
Triple Ale Collection
Which of our bottled beers is best? You can make up your own mind when you order a Triple Ale Collection. Savour the different ...
Price: 8.40
View » Triple Ale Collection
Natterjack in a Firkin
Natterjack in a Firkin
Beer Name Natterjack Alcoholic strength 4.8% A.B.V. Order Quantity 9 gallons (approx. 72 pints) supplied in a returnable ...
Price: 106.80
View » Natterjack in a Firkin

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